Discover. Define. Design.

The process is simple, and completely unlike any other.

Inside intelligence
At Unparallel, we work closely with our clients, understanding their business and its challenges from the inside. By connecting with stakeholders, we uncover opportunities. It builds transparency and empathy, which ultimately builds trust and commitment. By working so closely, our inside intelligence allows us to operate at the speed of your business. You get better work, faster. We optimize our operations to suit your needs and continuously help drive your business forward.
Yes, our name is a little confusing. If the interpretation is Unparalleled, great, that's what we strive to be. Truthfully, Unparallel is the process of differentiation. Far too often we draw parallels to whom we want to be like. We encourage you to be you. Our Inside Intelligence process helps us dig deep into your businesses DNA. We learn everything that makes you unique. Through design, we reshape brand perceptions, transform cultures, and enhance revenue/income opportunities.
Seven things that define us
We value results over awards
Our greatest success is measured with a happy client, a successful project, and a celebratory cheers.

Human centred design 
All our projects involve the user as the stakeholder throughout the entire creation process—ensuring a deeper connection between your brand and the consumer.

We turn challenges into opportunities
Through research ideation and prototyping, we uncover new opportunities and envision new experiences. Problems give way to solutions that better your business.

We are not a traditional agency
Think of us as an extension of your team rather than a vendor. We work closely with our clients, immerse ourselves in the business and culture, communicate, set expectations, build trust, and work together as a team.

Enterprise grade
We may have boutique agency pricing, but everything we design meets the highest quality standards. Unlike most agencies, we don’t have any junior staff. We have seasoned talent specifically assigned to your project. This ensures quality of results and leaner operating costs we can afford to pass onto you.

Transparent communications
Success stems from communications. That’s why we have open and transparent processes that hold teams accountable, keep us on budget, let’s you know what’s happening, and keeps everyone happy.

Business Savvy
Sure we like to make things look nice and function well, but we’re always looking at the bottom line. We’re focussed on making your business money and lend our savvy to each and every one of your projects.

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